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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)




In the coming months, we are bringing together artists form all over the globe, to enjoy speaking shakespeare’s plays in their own language, in our globe, within the architecture shakespeare wrote for.please come and join us.

National Theatre Of China Beijing|Chinese

This great occasion(盛会) will be the national theatre of china’s first visit to the uk. The company’s productions show the new face of 21st century chinese theatre. This production of

Shakespeare’s Richard III will be directed by the National’s Associate Director,Wang Xiaoying.

Date&Time:Saturday 28 April,2.30pm&Sunday 29 April,1.30pm&6.30pm

Marjanishvili Theatre Tbilisi l Georgian

One of the most famous theatres in Georgia,the Marjanishvili,founded in 1928,appears regularly at theatre festivals all over the world. This new production of As You Like It is helmed(指导)by the company’s Artistic Director Levan Tsuladze.

Date & Time :Friday 18May,2.30pm&Sunday 19May,7.30pm

Deafinitely Theater London l British Sign Language (BSL)

By translating the rich and humourous taxt of Love’s Labour’s Lost into the physical language of BSL,Deafinitely Thertre creates a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s comedy and aims to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by performing to both groups as one audience.

Date&Time:Tueaday 22 May,2.30pm&Wednesday 23 May,7.30pm

Habima National Theatre Tel Aviv l Hebrew

The Habima is the centre of Hebrew-languege theatre worldwide,Founded in Moscow after the 1905 revolution,the company eventually settled in Tel Aviv in the late 1920s,Since 1958,they have been recognized as the national theatre of Israel.This production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice marks their first visit to the UK.

Date Date&Time:Monday 28May,7.30&Tuesday 29 May,7.30pm

21.which play will be performed by the National Theatre of China?

A.Richard Ⅲ. B.Lover’s Labour’s Lost

C.As You Like It D.The merchant of Venice

22.What is special about Deafinnitely Theatre?

A.Tt has two groups of actors B.It is the leading theatre in London

C.It performs plays in BSL D.It is good at prducting comedies

23.When can you see a play in Hebrew?

A.Onsuturday 28Apil. B.On Sunday 29 April

C.On Tuesday 22 May.D. On Tuesday 29 May

21--23 AAD


I first met Paul Newman in 1968, when George Roy Hill, the director of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, introduced us in New York City. When the studio didn’t want me for the film— it wanted somebody as well known as Paul— he stood up for me. I don’t know how many people would have done that; they would have listened to their agents or the studio powers.

The friendship that grew out of the experience of making that film and The Sting four years later had its root in the fact that although there was an age difference, we both came from a tradition of theater and live TV. We were respectful of craft(技艺)and focused on digging into the characters we were going to play. Both of us had the qualities and virtues that are typical of American actors: humorous, aggressive, and making fun of each other— but always with an underlying affection. Those were also at the core (核心)of our relationship off the screen.

We shared the brief that if you’re fortunate enough to have success, you should put something back— he with his Newman’s Own food and his Hole in the Wall camps for kids who are seriously ill, and me with Sundance and the institute and the festival. Paul and I didn’t see each other all that regularly, zxx.k but sharing that brought us together.合肥专业癫痫病医院 We supported each other financially and by showing up at events.

I last saw him a few months ago. He’d been in and out of the hospital.He and I both knew what the deal was,and we didn’t talk about it.Ours was a relationship that didn’t need a lot of words.

24.Why was the studio unwilling to give the role to author at first?

A.Paul Newman wanted it.

B.The studio powers didn’t like his agent.

C.He wasn’t famous enough.

D.The director recommended someone else.

25.Why did Paul and the author have a lasting friendship?

A.They were of the same dge.

B.They worked in the same theater.

C.They were both good actors.

D.They han similar charactertics.

26.What does the underlined word “that” in paragraph 3 refer to?

A.Their belief.

B.Their care for chileden.

C.Their success.

D.Their support for each other.

27.What is the author’s purpose in writing the test?

A.To show his love of films.

B.To remember a friend.

C.To introduce a new movie.

D.To share his acting experience.

24--27 CDAB

细节理解题。根据“When the studio didn’t want me for the film— it wanted somebody as well known as Paul”制片人不想要我,他想要当时比较出名的演员Paul,因此,可知作者当时还不是很有名。故选C。


Terrafugia Inc .said Monday that its new flying car has completed its first flight,bringing the company closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year.The wehicle-named the Transition – has two seats wheels and wings that fold up so it can be driven like a car.The Transition,which flew at 1,400 feet for eight minutes last month, can reach around 70 miles per hour on the road and 115 in the flies using a 23-gallon tank of gas and bums 5 gallons per hour in the air. On the ground, it gets 35 miles per gallon.

Around 100 people have already put down a $10,000 deposit to get a Transition when they go on sale, and those numbers will likely rise after Terrafugia introduces the Transition to the public later this week at the New York Auto Show. But don’t expect it to show up in too many driveways. It’s expected to cost $279,000.And it won’t help if you’re stuck in traffic. The car needs a runway.

Inventors have been trying to make flying cars since the 1930s, according to Robert Mann, an airline industry expert. But Mann thinks Terrafugia has come closer than anyone to making the flying car a reality. The govemment has already permitted z&xxkthe company to use special materials to make it easier for the vehicle to fly. The Transition is now going through crash tests to make sure it meets federal safety siandards.

Mann said Terrafugia was helped by the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision five years ago to create a separate set of standards for light sport aircraft, which are lower than those for pilots of larger planes. Terrafugia says an owner would need to pass a test and complete 20 hours of flying time to be able to fly the Transition,a requirement pilots would find relatively easy to meet.

28. What is the first paragraph mainly about?

A. The basic data of the Transition. B. The advantages of flying cars.

C. The potential market for flying cars. C. The designers of the Transition.

29. Why is the Transition unlikely to show up in too many driveways?

A. It causers traffic jams. B. It is difficult to operate.

C. It is very expensive. D. It bums too much fuel.

30. What is the govemment’s attitude to the development of the flying car?

A. Cautious B. Favorable.

C. Ambiguous. D. Disapproving.

31. What is the best title for the text?

A. Flying Car at Auto Show B. The Transition’s Fist Flight

C.Pilots’Dream Coming True D. Flying Car Closer to Reality


When a leafy plant is under attack ,it doesn’t sit quietly. Back in 1983,two scientists,Jack Schultz and Ian Baldwin,reported that young maple trees getting bitten by insects send out a particular smell that neighboring plants can get. These chemicals come from the injured parts of the plant and seem to be an alarm.What the plants pump through the air is a mixture of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds,VOCs for short.

Scientists have found that all kinds of plants give out VOCs when being attacked .It’s a plant’s way of crying out.But is anyone listening?Apparently.Because we can watch the neighbours react.

Some plants pump out smelly chemicals to keep insects away.But others do double duty .They pump out perfumes designed to attract different insects who are natural enemies to the attackers.Once they arrive,the tables are turned .The attacker who are natural enemies to the attackers . zxx|k Once they arrive,the tables are turned.The attacker who was lunching now becomes lunch.

In study after study,it appears that these chemical conversations help the neighbors .The damage is usually more serious on the first plant,but the neighbors ,relatively speaking ,stay safer because they heard the alarm and knew what to do.

Does this mean that plants talk to each other? Scientists don’t know. Maybe the first plant just made a cry of pain or was sending a message to its own branches, and so, in effect, was talking to itself. Perhaps the neighbors just happened to “overhear” the cry. So information was exchanged, but it wasn’t a true, intentional back and forth.

Charles Darwin, over 150 years ago, imagined a world far busier, noisier and more intimate(亲密的) than the world we can see and hear. Our senses are weak. There’s a whole lot going on.

32. What does a plant do when it is under attack?

A. It makes noises. B. It gets help from other plants.

C. It stands quietly D. It sends out certain chemicals.

33. What does the author mean by “the tables are turned” in paragraph 3?

A. The attackers get attacked.

B. The insects gather under the table.

C. The plants get ready to fight back.

D. The perfumes attract natural enemies.

34.Scientists find from their studies that plants can .

A.predict natural disasters B.protect themselves against insects

C.talk to one another intentionally D.help their neighbors when necessary

35.what can we infer from the last paragraph?

A.The word is changing faster than ever.

B.People have stronger senses than before

C.The world is more complex than it seems

D.People in Darwin’s time were imaginative.

第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)


Interruptions are one of the worst things to deal with while you’re trying to get work done. 36 ,there are several ways to handle things.Let’s take a look at them now.

37 .Tell the person you’re sorry and explain that you have a million things to do and then ask if the of you can talk at a different time.

When people try to interrupt you,have set hours planned and let them know to come back during that time or that you’ll find them then. 38 .It can help to eliminate(消除) future interruptions.

When you need to someone,don’t do it in your own office. 39 .it’s much easeier to excuse yourself to get back to your work than if you try to get someone out of your space even after explaining how busy you are

If you have a door to your office,make good use of it. 40 .If someone knocks and it’s not an important matter. Excuseyourself and let the person know you’re busy so they can get the hint(暗示) than when the door is closed,you’re not to be disturbed.

A.If you’re busy, don’t feel bad about saying no

B. When you w哈尔滨中亚癫痫病怎么治疗才好的快ant to avoid interruptions at work zxx.k

C. Set boundaries for yourself as your time goes

D. If you’re in the other person’s office or in a public arcea

E. It’s important that you let them know when you’ll be available

F.It might seem unkind to cut people shirt when they interrupt you

G.Leave it open when you’re available to talk and close it when you’re not

36-40 BAEDG

第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)



In1973,I was teaching elementary school.Each day,27kids 41 “The Thinking Laboratory.”That was the 42 students voted for after deciding that “Room 104” was too 43 .

Freddy was an average 44 ,but not an average person .He had the rare balance of fun and compassion(同情).He would 45 the loudest over fun and be the saddest over anyone’s 46 .

Before the school year 47 ,I gave the kids a special 48 , T-sherts with the words “Verbs Are Your 49 on them. I had advised the kids that while verbs(动词)may seem dull ,most of the 50 things they do throughout their lives will be verbs.

Through the years, I’d run into former students who would provide 51 on old classmates. Ilearned that Freddy did several jobs after his 52 from high school and remained the same 53 person I met forty years before .Once, while working overnight at a store, he let a homeless man 54 in his truck. Another time ,he 55 a friend money to buy a house .

Just last year,I was 56 a workshop when someone knocked at the classroom door. A woman 57 the interruption and handed me an envelope. I stopped teaching and 58 it up. Inside were the “Verbs” shert and a 59 from Freddy’s monther. “Freddy passed away on Thanksgiving. He wanted you to have this.”

I told the story to the class. As sad as it was, I couldn’t help smiling . Although Freddy was taken from us,we all 60 something from Freddy.

41. A. built B. enteredC. decorated D. ran

42. A. name B. rule C. brand D. plan

43. A. small B. dark C. strange D. dull

44. A. scholarB. studentC. citizen D. worker

45. A. speak B. sing C. question D. laugh

46. A. misfortune B. disbeliefC. dishonesty D. mistake

47. A. changed B. approached C. returned D. ended

48.A.lesson B.gife C.report D.message

49. A.friends B.Awards C.Masters D.Tasks

50. A.simple B.unique C. fun D.clever

51. A.assessments B. comments C.instructions D.updates

52. A.graduation B. retirement C.separationD.resignation

53. A.daring B.modest C.caring D.smart

54. A.wait B.sleep C.study D.live

55. A.paid B.charged C.lent D.owed

56. A.observingB.preparing C. designingD.conducting

57. A.regretted B.avoided C.excused D.ignored

58. A.opened B.packed C.gave D.held

59. A.picture B.bill C.note D.diary

60. A.chose B.tookC.expected D.borrowed


考查名词词义辨析,A. name名字, B. rule规则,C. brand品牌, D. plan计划,结合文意:应该是“思想实验室”这个“名字”是同学们投票得来的,故选A.


考查形容词词义辨析,A. small小的,B. dark 黑的, C. strange 奇怪的, D. dull无聊的,由后文可知,同学们是因为“104班级”这个名字太“无聊”才把名字改为“思想实验室”的,故选D.


考查名词词义辨析,A. scholar学者, B. student学生, C. citizen市民, D. worker工人,通读全文可知Freddy是作者的一名“学生”,故选B.


考查动词词义辨析,A. speak 说, B. sing 唱歌, C. question质问, D. laugh大笑,结合文意:对于好玩的事情,他会“笑”地最大声,故选D.


考查名词词义辨析,A. misfortune不幸, B. disbelief怀疑,C. dishonesty 不诚实, D. mistake错误,根据前句:Freddy在有趣和富有同情心之间可以做到罕见的平衡,所以对于任何人的“不幸”,他会很悲伤,故选A.


考查动词词义辨析,A. changed 改变, B. approached接近, C. returned返回,D. ended结束,结合句意:在学期“结束”之前,我……,故选D.


考查名词词义辨析,A.lesson课,教训, B.gift礼物, C.report 报告,D.message信息,根据后文可知作者送给Freddy一件衬衫,即一个特殊的礼物,故选B.


考查名词词义辨析,A.friends 朋友,B.Awards奖, C.Ma如何治疗继发性羊癫疯sters 主人,D.Tasks任务,结合文意:衬衫上写着“动词是你的朋友”,故选A.


考查形容词词义辨析,A.simple 简单的,B.unique独特的, C. fun 有趣的,D.clever聪明的,根据转折词while, 可知前后句意是相反的,“尽管动词也许看起来很无聊,但人们的一生当中做的大部分有趣之事都将是动词”,“无聊”与“有趣”相对,故选C.


考查名词词义辨析,A.assessments评估,B. comments评论, C.instructions 指导, D.updates更新,根据句意:我遇到过以前的学生,他们常常会提供一些老同学的“最新情况”,故选D.


考查名词词义辨析,A.graduation毕业, B. retirement退休,C.separation 分离,D.resignation辞职,结合文意:在Freddy高中毕业后,做了好几份工作,故选A.


考查形容词词义辨析,A.daring勇敢的, B.modest 谦虚的,C.caring贴心的, D.smart聪明的,根据后一句他让无家可归的人睡在了他的卡车上,可知他仍然是很爱关照人的,贴心的,故选C.


考查动词词义辨析,A.wait等待,B.sleep 睡觉, C.study 学习, D.live居住,结合文意:他让一位无家可归的人“睡在”他的卡车上,故选B.


考查动词词义辨析,A.regretted 后悔,遗憾, B.avoided避免,C.excused原谅,宽恕, D.ignored忽视,结合上下文:因为当时正在上课,所以这名女子为自己的打断行为要求得到原谅,故选C.


考查动词词义辨析,A.opened打开,B.packed打包, C.gave给予, D.held握住,结合文意:我停止教学,打开信,故选A.


考查名词词义辨析,A.picture 图片, B.bill 账单,C.note 纸条,便笺, D.diary日记,根据后文的描述,可知衬衫上是一个便笺,上面写着……,故选C.


考查动词词义辨析,A.chose 选择, B.took 拿走, C.expected 期待, D.borrowed借入,结合文意:尽管Freddy离开了我们,我们从他的身上也带走了一些东西,故选B.



In 1863the first underground passenger railway in the world opened in London. It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed people to avoid terrible __61__(crowd) on the roads above as they travelled to and ___62__ word. It took three years to complete and was built using an interesting method. This included digging up the road, ____63___(lay) the track and then building a strong roof over___64___ top. When all those had been done, the road surface was replaced.

Steam engines ___65__(use) to pull the carriages and it must have been___66__(fair)unpleasant for the passsengers, with all the smoke and noise. However, the railway quickly proved to be a great success and within six months, more than 25,000 people were using___67__ every day.

Later, engineers ____68___(manage) to construct railways in a system of deep tunnels (隧道), which became known to the tube. This development was only possible with the ___69___ (introduce) of electric-powered engines and lifts. The central London Railway was one of the most ___70___(success) of these new lines, and was opened in 1900. It had white-painted tunnels and bright red carriages, and proved extremely popular with the public.




考查被动语态,根据句意:蒸汽发动机“被用于”拉货物,故填were used.











第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)







Mr. and Mrs.Zhang all work in our school.They live far from the school,and it takes them about a hour and a half to go to work every day.In their spare time,they are interesting in planting vegetables in their garden,that is on the rooftop of their house. They often get up earlier and water the vegetables together.They have also bought for some gardening tools.beside,they often get some useful informations from the internet.When summer came,they will invite their students pick the vegetables!

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)







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